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Krystal Di Espada
Bachelor of Music, Music Education
w. a focus on Vocal Performance

 Teaches: Voice, Musical Theater, Piano

Krystal Headshot.jpg

Krystal Di Espada, a talented soprano hailing from Miami, developed her passion for music at the young age of four. Currently serving as the Music Director at Coral Gables Senior High School, she imparts her expertise in voice, guitar, piano, modern band, orchestra, and chorus to aspiring young musicians. Additionally, she holds the position of Choral Director at St. Mark's Lutheran Church of Coral Gables.

Beyond her roles in education and directing, Krystal finds immense joy in singing and performing. Her journey into the world of music commenced under the guidance of soprano Ada de Luque, whom she has studied with since the age of 16.

Krystal has a list of performance credits, having graced the stage as Christine in "Phantom of the Opera" at St. Nicholas's and Romanza Lyric, as well as taking the lead in "From Broadway to Opera" at Romanza Lyric. Other notable performances include "Getting to Know You" and serving as the Soprano soloist in the World Premiere of "Dilem" by Sydney Guillaume, and portraying Rosario in the World Premiere of "The Pirate's Daughter," a remarkable piece written and composed by Ada de Luque.

Academically accomplished, Krystal holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, graduating with honors, cum laude. She hopes that her dedication to music, both as an educator and a performer, continues to inspire and enrich the lives of those she encounters on her musical journey.

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