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6 Practice Strategies for the Beginner Musician

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

So, you have made the decision to take music lessons! Now, how do you practice between lessons?

Because of the isolated nature of instrumental practice, it is important to develop a sense of self-discipline from early on. For the younger music students, it is not always easy to make the conscious decision to go practice.

This is when establishing a routine can be very useful. If they know they have blocked out a time of the day to practice, it is just a matter of setting a reminder/alarm for when it is time to practice and sticking to that time. In that way, they do not rely on their parents to remind them and they become responsible for their own learning.

I am often asked how many minutes and days a beginner music student should practice. As a teacher, I want to say "2 hours every day!" (duh) But that's not always possible. Below are some starting points for establishing a consistent and effective music practice routine.

6 Practice Strategies for the Beginner Musician

1. Create a Weekly Schedule

What days can you practice? How long can you practice? Write it on your schedule and commit to those days.

2. Split your Practice Time Into Smaller Time Intervals