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Music Class led by a happy teacher and cheerful students.

Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy gives our clients a chance to improve their social, communication, and motor skills through group activities like playing instruments, singing, and dancing together, and joint-attention skills through taking turns and sharing. Music therapy shines in a group setting since music is such a social experience. Plus, group music activities can be so fun and effective that clients won't even know they are working on many different skills simultaneously!

Who can Benefit from Group Music Therapy Sessions?

Clients with: 

  • Intellectual Disabilities/Mental Delays

  • Alzheimer's/Dementia

  • Physical Disabilities

  • Substance Abuse Disorder 

  • Brain Injuries 

  • Acute and Chronic Pain

  • ADHD

Group music therapy is usually offered to small groups (3-5 clients), or organizations such as educational centers, special needs centers, nursing homes, camps, etc. 

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