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Terms and Conditions

Miami House of Creative Arts, LLC, also referred to as Miami HofCA


• Students are expected to come prepared and to cooperate during lessons

• Students who are ill may have to either wear a mask or have their lesson through Zoom for that day (determined by the teacher).

• Students must bring their class materials to each lesson

• We encourage all our students to participate in recitals, assessments, competitions and music festivals. These are all wonderful learning opportunities and ways to share their progress with others while also getting feedback from other professionals outside of the school. A student is not required to participate in the mentioned above, but we do encourage that they consider it and/or attend even if they are not performing.

Code of Conduct 

Verbal and/or physical disrespect will not be tolerated by students and/or student's family towards members of Miami House of Creative Arts LLC. In the event that the Code of Conduct is breached, lessons may be terminated immediately.

Payment & Tuition

Tryout Lesson

Students can receive one tryout lesson and pay for that lesson alone before making the commitment of registering or make a monthly payment.

Miami HofCA will send an invoice before the day of the lesson. This one-time payment must be made at the latest 24 hours before the tryout lesson takes place.

Registration Fee for Full Enrollment

Upon enrollment, the student will pay the registration fee in order to guarantee their spot for the school year. The registration fee is renewed every year, it will be added on to the first payment of the school year in September. Registration fee for 2023-2024 is waived for all students signing up before September 1st.  

Tuition and Monthly Payments

Monthly payments will be made in advance and in full on the 1st of each month for each academic month. Students will not be charged for breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks) Please see section on "School Breaks" for specific dates. 

During the summer months, everyone’s travel schedule varies. At that point, automatic payments will be paused and invoices will be made manually, adjusted to each individual's Summer schedule. 

We understand our clients are busy and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all payments. To avoid missed and late payments, we automatize the process by using Stripe. 

Stripe will automatically deduct payments from a card of your choice on the 1st of each month.

Insufficient funds on the credit card on file by the 1st of each month will result in lessons being discontinued until payment is received.

Lessons will be resumed once payment has been made and a $15 late fee will be charged in addition to that month's payment. 

Miami House of Creative Arts LLC reserves the right to raise tuition fees at the beginning of each school year. 

Teachers CANNOT receive payment directly from the client or the client's family. All payments must be processed through Miami House of Creative Arts LLC. 

Rescheduling & Cancellations

There are no refunds for missed and cancelled lessons. When a student reserves a spot, that spot is strictly reserved for them for the rest of the year. These lessons are to take place weekly and they are to be treated as classes in a school setting. Our teachers have limited availability, and frequent rescheduling is not feasible for them.

However, we understand life happens. If the student needs to reschedule, they must do so at least 24 hours in advance to allow the teacher some time to move around their schedule and potentially make time for a make up lesson. 

Rescheduling is done at the discretion of the teacher. There may not be another slot available. 

We encourage missing lessons as little as possible. Consistency is crucial in order for the students to make progress.

Make up lessons may take place on a different day, depending on the teacher's and student's availability. That time can also be made up by splitting it throughout different lessons. For example, you can add 15 mins to 3 lessons to make up for a missed 45-min lesson.

Given the circumstance that the teacher must miss a lesson, a substitute teacher, or make-up lesson, will be provided. Make-up lessons may take place as private, semi-private, or group lesson, online or in-person. Depending on the demand for make-up lessons for a given week.

In the event a lesson has to be cancelled by the student due to an emergency, a make-up lesson is solely within the discretion of the teacher. However, no make-up lessons will be given if a teacher determines that the emergency cancellation is being abused.

Please keep in mind all cancellations and rescheduling must be done in writing. You may additionally call the teacher on the phone. Cancellations and rescheduling are to be dealt with between the teacher and the student/student guardian. We have faith that the teacher and students will abide to the terms and policies mentioned on this page. Miami House of Creative Arts LLC will not get involved unless requested by the student/legal guardian, and/or the teacher. In some cases, Miami House of Creative Arts may deem it necessary to ask for written proof of changes made to the schedule. However, if a complaint is filed without written proof, there is nothing we can do! 

We recommend notifying Miami House of Creative Arts of any changes through the text group chats that are set up between Miami House of Creative Arts LLC, the teacher, and the student/student's guardian. 


There are no refunds for cancelled and tardy lessons. The teacher will wait for up to 15 minutes for a student and reserves the right to leave after those 15 minutes have passed. Being tardy by more than 15 minutes may be considered an absence. The teacher may choose to wait longer for the student, but they are not required to make up that time. The teacher has already spent their time traveling and waiting. This counts as lesson time.

School Breaks

Students will not be charged for the following breaks unless they explicitly communicate they wish to continue lessons during those times. 

Thanksgiving Break: November 20-24th 

Winter Break:  December 22- January 5th 

Summer months

During the summer months of June and July, we have more flexible scheduling and students monthly payments will be adjusted.

If you are not traveling and taking a break during these months, you may continue lessons depending on the teacher's availability. You may choose to take lessons with another teacher in the meantime if your teacher is out of town. There is flexibility during these months, just let us know! 

Lesson Breaks & Termination of Lessons

If the student chooses to take a break from lessons during a time that does not fall during the break months , there is no guarantee that their original lesson time will be available upon their return. At that point, it will depend on the teacher's availability. However, we are happy to assign a new teacher, if necessary.

If a student plans on taking a break from lessons, they must notify Miami House of Creative Arts LLC at least 2 weeks in advance in order for their automatic payment plan to be paused . There will be no refund if a student pays for a month and chooses to discontinue lessons during that same month. 

In the event that the teacher chooses to terminate lessons with a student, the student will receive lessons for the rest of the month they have paid for, and no more.

However, in the case that the Code of Conduct is breached,  the lessons may be terminated immediately, at the discretion of the teacher and Miami House of Creative Arts' Executive Director.

In the case that a teacher, or student, leaves Miami House of Creative Arts LLC, the student CAN NOT receive lessons from that teacher privately or through another organization after. Doing so is a breach of both the student and teacher contract with Miami House of Creative Arts LLC, and can result in legal action. 

We respect your time and our employees' time. This is why these policies are in place. We highly encourage early and effective communication so that we can all come up with arrangements that enable the students' learning and growth. 

Upon enrolling for monthly lessons, the student or guardian (if under 18) agrees to the terms and policies established above.

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