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Joe Fredd
Bachelor of Music
Classical Guitar, Musicology

 Teaches: Classical and electric guitar, electric bass, tres cubano, ukulele

Joe Fredd

Jose Alfredo Fernandez, a.k.a  Joe Fredd is a Cuban classical guitarist, graduated with honors from the Superior Institute of Arts, Ciudad de la Havana, Cuba, where he obtained his “Magna Cum Laude” Bachelor’s Degree in both Classical Guitar and Musicology.

Joe has been a professor of acoustic guitar for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced and master) since he graduated from the Superior Institute of Arts. He later on had the privilege of being the professor of acoustic guitar, music history, harmony, and counterpoint, at the Conservatory of Music of his natal city of Holguin, Cuba. Alternating with his teaching work, he was also the concertmaster, musical director, and arranger of the “Orquesta de Guitarras de Holguin” for 9 years.

Mr. Fernandez participated as a composer and performer in all of the “Festival de Música Contemporánea” of Havana, Cuba (2000-2004). In 2004, he made musical arrangements for the inaugural gala of the International Book Fair in Havana, Cuba.

In 2001, he obtained the “Opera Prima” and “Música de Cámara” Awards in the “Cubadisco ‘02” contest, competing with the musical production, “Orquesta de Guitarras de Holguin”.

His successful musical career has taken him to several international stages, including Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

He was invited to participate as a guitar performer in several guitar master classes, with many well-known guitarists, such as, Leo Brouwer, Robert Ausell, Victor Pellegrini, Joaquin Clerch, Rafael Padron, and Manuel Barrueco.

Joe Fredd composed the soundtrack for the documentary “De Puesta en Escena” (Cuba, 2005). He also participated in the musical production: “Caricias de Dios”, as the arranger, producer, and guitar performer of all pieces (McAllen, TX, 2010). For 5 years, he was the musical director of the Worship Ministry of the First Hispanic Church of God (Miami, 2008-2013), and the MJAC Church as well. He was the guitar professor of the Academy of Arts and Minds (Miami) during 2012-2013. He was the Musical Director and bass player for the Spanish Pianist DEPARAMO (2016). He was the writer and host of 2 programs on the radio station Radio Miami Mundial for 2 years (2016-2018).

Mr. Fernandez was the professor of acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, music theory/solfege, harmony, composition/songwriting, ensemble (Rock Band), and music discovery of the Miami Conservatory of Music (Coconut Grove, Miami) for 12 years. While being a faculty member there, he sent approximately 50 of his students to participate in the Florida Music Federation Clubs contest for 11 consecutive years, where each student obtained “Superior” results. He was also part of the staff of Junior’s Entertainment Group, Inc. for 2 years. Since 2014, he has been the concertmaster of the Miami Classical Guitar Orchestra, sponsored by the Miami Classical Guitar Society, sharing the stage with the Florida Chamber Orchestra, directed by Marlen Urbay. For 12 years, he has been part of the musician staff of the agency Elegant Musicians. Joe has been a member of the Manolo Boudet’s Cuban Band (Tres Cubano & Piano). He currently plays Flamenco guitar with the cantaora Anabel Lopez, and is the arranger and guitar accompanist of the operatic soprano, Erika Ramirez.

Joe Fredd plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, tres cubano, ukulele, and piano. He gives concerts as a soloist and also integrates different musical formats such as duos, trios, and guitar accompaniment for singers. He plays a variety of genres, including classical, religious, gospel, latin, bossa nova, latin jazz, country, blues, flamenco, pop, funky, rock & roll, among others, showing his exceptional talent and extraordinary versatility.

Joe Fredd is a virtuous, passionate, versatile, and outstanding guitarist, to which is added a great vocation for teaching music. He has a gift for teaching and an engaging and charming personality to easily “connect” with kids and teens. It is a real privilege to have him as your music teacher!

During his free time, Joe likes to bike, read, and watch soccer!

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