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Piano teachers and piano lessons
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What Clients Say

"Rosangel is an excellent piano teacher. My three daughters adore her. I can see a great progress after every class. She is punctual, kind, and makes the class fun. She is always rewarding them and introducing new activities to keep them motivated."
-Micaela, Parent
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Lessons can be at the students' house, the music teacher's studio, or online.

To minimize travel (Miami traffic!) time, we pair our students with music professionals that are within their vicinity.

Our team of professionals covers the following areas: ​

  • South Miami

  • Coral Gables

  • Coconut Grove

  • Pinecrest

  • Online, from anywhere in the country


We've all heard that listening to music can be therapeutic, but that's not what Music Therapy is all about! 

Music therapy uses research to come up with methods to design a music session that addresses both musical and non-musical goals. Examples of non-musical goals might include coping skills, sustained attention, improvement of social skills, etc. 

Who can benefit from music therapy? Clients with developmental delays, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental disorders, brain injuries, acute and chronic pain, ADHD, etc. 

If you think you or your child would benefit from music therapy sessions click the button below to learn more!

Our Philosophy 

Founded in 2022, by Rosangel Perez, Miami House of Creative Arts LLC. aims to create a learning environment that feels like home. We take a holistic approach to music education, looking at the whole individual rather than just their set of skills.

Part of our approach when designing instruction is asset-based, focusing on what the student can do and building on those strengths so that they can feel confident and reach their full potential. 

Our goal is to offer high caliber, individualized education, while also offering a high level of care and support.

We believe in each of our students and want them to succeed, and above all, be happy. 


Our team consists of qualified and caring music professionals with lots of experience in their field!  

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